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Algebra II Regents Review Class - Tuesday, June 20th

Algebra II Regents Review Class - Tuesday, June 20th

Join a Curvebreakers test expert for a 2.5-hour review of the most important information you need to know for the 2023 Algebra II Regents exam.

The Algebra II Regents Review Class with Curvebreakers covers the following key areas tested on the exam:

  • Real number systems
  • Complex number systems
  • Introductory concepts for statistics
  • Introductory concepts for trigonometry
  • Interpreting and building functions

The exam consists of four sections: one with multiple-choice questions and three with constructed response questions. Students will be able to see the instructor review best practices for these constructed response questions, including appropriate formula substitutions, diagrams, proofs, etc. Students will also learn how and when to use the graphing calculator for this exam.


Garden City Office (view on map)
320 Old Country Road, Suite 102
Garden City, NY 11530


Tuesday, June 20th


6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Total Course Length:

2.5 hours
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