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There are currently no classes being offered at HANC. Students are welcome to visit Curvebreakers' office in Garden City to attend SAT and ACT classes as well as diagnostic practice exams. View the in-office class schedule.

Here are other ways you can prepare for upcoming SAT exams in case you weren't able to register or are taking the exam again.

Digital SAT Video Course & Decoding the Digital SAT
Curvebreakers' Digital SAT Video Course contains the curriculum of our entire SAT class in a pre-recorded course, led by the owner of Curvebreakers. Each video includes a lesson and set of practice problems for students to learn how to tackle every type of question on the SAT. It is the companion course to the book, Decoding the Digital SAT, which is available on Amazon.

Digital SAT Practice Tests
The College Board offers four digital SAT practice tests on their testing app, Bluebook. All students should take at least one of these tests before siting for an official exam. Bluebook, however, does not provide detailed reporting on what types of questions and content you missed on the practice test. For more in-depth score reporting and access to 10 digital SAT practice tests, consider gaining full access to our Online Diagnostic Digital SAT Testing platform.

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