ACT Strategy Accelerator Course

ACT Strategy Accelerator Course

Only have a few days left to prepare? This course will help get you ready. In this self-paced course, get tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your score. Go beyond practicing ACT questions, and learn how to correct your mistakes for good.

After registering for the course, all students will create an account/login on Thinkific where they can watch the videos, download materials, and track their progress. Students have access to the course and the materials for one full year.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction - Get a free preview
  • General strategies and study tips
  • Course materials, including English Review Packet, Math Formula Sheet, Science Basics, and Punctuation Basics
  • 6 videos on ACT English
  • 5 videos on ACT Math
  • 7 videos on ACT Reading
  • 5 videos on ACT Science

For more details, view the course on Thinkific.

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