ACT Class for the February 2024 Exam (Sundays)

ACT Class for the February 2024 Exam (Sundays)

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This class allows students to complete 20 hours of total class preparation and two proctored practice tests before the official exam takes place on February 10th, 2024. Class instruction follows a Sunday schedule, and a practice test is scheduled on Saturday, January 27th at 9 AM.

ACT Practice Tests

Sitting for timed, full-length practice tests is a crucial part of preparing for an official ACT exam and are included in the class registration. 

Practice Test #1: Sit for a practice test at one of our regularly scheduled times on the weekend: Saturdays at 9 AM or 1 PM and Sundays at 9 AM. Call the office at (516) 728-1561 to schedule your first class practice test. This first practice test offers students a baseline and a chance to understand their strengths and weaknesses before the class starts.

Practice Test #2: The entire class will be sitting for a practice ACT on Saturday, January 27th from 9:00 - 12:15 PM.

Course Materials:

  1. Students must purchase Curvebreakers' ACT Strategy Book, A New Approach to Deconstruct and Destroy the ACT. The Kindle version can be purchased for $3.99 and the paperback is $14.99.
  2. Digital course materials will be given to students at the first class session, which include several practice tests for homework and study guides.

Class Benefits:

  • Buy 5 hours of private tutoring and get 1 free.
  • Receive up to $300 off a private tutoring package (call the office at 516-728-1561 to redeem).
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