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Supplemental Essay Help

Supplemental Essay Help

Many competitive colleges and programs ask for additional essays called supplemental essays as part of their complete applications. Supplemental essay prompts cover a range of topics from the well-known "Why [Insert College Here]" to very pointed prompts asking students to address topics relating social injustices. The word count can also range from a paragraph to a full, two-page essay.

Curvebreakers can help you tackle these challenging, supplemental essays, saving you from unnecessary stress and helping you develop an effective essay.

Below are our recommendations for which package to choose depending on the number of essays you need to compete:

  • 5-Hour Supplemental Essay Package: For up to 5 supplemental essays
  • 10-Hour Supplemental Essay Package: For up to 10 supplemental essays
  • 15-Hour Supplemental Essay Package: For up to 15 supplemental essays

Packages with associate tutors can be booked online here and by calling the office.

Please note: Brittany and Nick have very limited availability. Please call the office at (516) 728-1561 to see if spots are still available and to book your package. Nick is only taking students with packages of 10 hours or more.

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